Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Marathon du Mont Blanc 2022

Information about the Mont Blanc competition

This legendary Alpine Crossing race was first held on July 1, 1979. The competition was a cross-country running competition organized by the CAF of Chamonix under the presidency of Mr. George Costaz and Mr. Christian Roussel, both enthusiasts. In this first race, no fewer than 450 runners ran through the valley before crossing the finish line in Planpraz. The Mont-Blanc Marathon continues its strong progress with the 2011 Vertical Kilometer, 2013 2013 Mont Blanc 80km, and 2015 Duo Etoile and Young Running Marathons. With the addition of a 10km vertical run to the top of a mountain and a grueling 90km ultra, it is currently the most registered event in France and Europe. Visit the official website for more details.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Mont Blanc race

  • Is the alpine competition too tough? can i run тэмцээн гэхээр маш хүнд үү? Би гүйж чадах уу?
    • There are no requirements for those who enter the 10km. The mountain is 280 m up and down. The least burden. But it is recommended to prepare before entering the competition. If you want to register for 10 km, go to the link below to register. (Enter TSAST-UUL under Club.)
    • Those who enter the 23km are required to have prepared. 1680m uphill and 870m downhill. A score of 270 on the UTMB score for mountain runners is recommended. Those who participate in mountain competitions, this score increases as they enter the competition.
    • There are high requirements for those who enter the 42km. To avoid injury, of course. The UTMB requires a score of 350 and has a total of 2540m of ascent and 2540m of descent. The road is very difficult. (After all, it is a real Alpine marathon. 42km).
  • How to book a place?
    The place is already booked. Detailed information about the place is written below.
  • Going by car? Going by train?
    If you have your own car, you can go by car, if you don’t have a car, you can go by Naraa brother’s car (9 people) or by train. In the case of traveling by train, tickets are cheaper if booked in advance. You need a car to go to competitions and sightseeing. People who come by car will sit in their cars. (Pay for the gas of the car going there in installments)
  • How to prepare food?
    Every year we go with our personal chef (brother Naraa, Chimka and sister Baagii are very happy). We prepare most of our food or buy it from the store and make it together.
  • Can I bring my child with me?
    Bring your child. If you were born after 2016, you will have good memories of participating in the children’s running competition and playing with the children who came with you. Register your child by following this link.
  • Can we go together without running?
    It will be. We invite you to spend 2-3 days of fun in the Alps with us.
  • What if you want to stay longer in the Alps?
    If you want to spend 7 days in the Alps, you can go to Italy and visit Turin. We have people from our club participating, so get in touch.