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Frequently asked questions and answers on the day of the Paris Ekiden:

Frequently asked questions and answers on the day of the Paris Ekiden:

  • Where will we meet in the morning?
  • Meet at the Stade Emile Anthoine (the running track next to the Eiffel Tower) on the morning of the race. See attached picture.

Those who will gather from 10:00 am:
The 4th person in the relay is 10 km (relay-4), the 5th person is 5 km (relay-5), the last person is 7 km (relay-6)
Please be on time, you can come early. But don’t be late. If the train is delayed or delayed in any way, the crew members will suffer.

What will you bring in the morning?
A drinking water bottle or a plastic cup (no water from behind, ready-made water spigots installed),
WARM CLOTHES (it will be cold in the rain), preferably a long winter kurti. Come with luggage and store it.

Where is the parking lot?
Place Consignes inside the running circle where it is written in orange.

Where is your hand?
We will send the relay to the area marked BOX GRAND PUBLIC in BLUE and start running.

Where is the catch?
Arrivée (A) is written in PINK inside the running circle in the picture.
The last runner (7km) from one team will finish, the rest will pass the relay to the next runner at BOX GRAND PUBLIC in the picture. Therefore, only the last person in the team will see where he will finish.

What clothes to run?
You can run in the clothes you wear for training. It’s cold in the morning, so pants and a thin shirt. If you are a person who gets hot easily, a t-shirt.

What to bring a change of clothes?
Bring a warm jacket, warm shirt and warm pants. Give it to the truck, run and change and put it on.

At which metro and RER C station do you get off?
Metro 6 (Bir Hakeim or Trocadéro)
Metro 9 (Iéna or Trocadéro)
RER C (Champs de Mars-Tour Eiffel) Attention!!! Other stops may be closed, so consider getting off at the 3 above if possible.

Will come by car. Where to park the car?
1km or 500m around the Eiffel is closed, so leave early in the morning, park your car, and walk back.

Where will the fans be?
Cheerleaders will not be allowed in the “Hands” area, so tell them to cheer along the running route.

What is good to eat the night before the competition?
Eat heavy meals such as pasta, carbonara, pâtes, spaghetti, pizza, and tiramisu, which are very high in calories. But meat is digested very slowly, so there is no need to eat a lot of meat.
Eating high-calorie foods means storing energy.

What will you eat tomorrow morning?
Eat lightly. Like a banana or 1 egg, coffee or high-caffeinated tea. When I came in the morning, I think they gave me a banana.

I haven’t been busy enough to prepare well, will I beat my team’s score?
Don’t worry about that. Running is not life. This is just an opportunity for us to spend our time properly and have fun. So, if you’ve been busy and are still entering the competition, I’d say that’s great!! But the best team from 6 teams will be selected

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