About us

Club of Mongolian runners in Paris

About us

The Mongolian Runners’ Club in Paris has been operating continuously since June 2019 and has a total of 40 members and regularly trains with approximately 5-10 people. 2-4 times a month we try to spend our time productively by training in the park, along the river or in the mountains. Since its establishment, the club has participated in several French and international competitions. In this club, there are mostly first-time runners, and runners of all ages, men and women, encourage each other to train and train.

Our goal

Our club plans not only to run, but also to walk in the mountains together, play sports with children and young people, and set a positive example for our children. In the future, not only running, but also spending time with my fellow brothers and sisters in France and Europe in a fun and productive way, while supporting immunity, creating a circle, and further influencing our society and country in a positive way is another goal.


We organise not only running, but also hiking, swimming, cycling, squash, dancing, etc. We also celebrate the special days of the year together. For example, Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, Children’s Day (sports day), New Year, etc.

Marathon du Mont-Blanc