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Donations to the club should be sent to the club’s official donation account.
Donation account:

About donations and tax deductions

If you live and work in France, you can get a tax credit.

Donate to us in the following steps and get tax deductions.

  1. Donate to the club
  2. Once the club has received your donation, you will be emailed a tax receipt.
  3. Enter your donation (amount and recipient) in the “Donations” section of your tax return. (You are no longer required to attach your tax receipt to your tax return, but it is safe to keep it for 6 years in case of a tax audit.)
  4. A portion of your donation is tax-deductible the following year

You can also find out about other ways you can support us (in-kind donations, skills sponsorships, volunteering, etc.). Contact us by [email protected]