Tsast-Uul club

The nearest training

WhenRouteMeeting pointOrganizer
6 сарын 4
(dim) 09:30
Randonnées Fontainebleau
(Le Circuit des 25 Bosses)
Parking de la Croix-Saint JérômeChimka
See a more detailed training schedule HERE.

Important dates:

  • 4 juin (dim) Fontainebleau day trip/walk
  • June 11 (Sun) Adidas 10K
  • 15 juillet Club festival
  • 17 september Club sports day (schedule)

Adidas 10K

Registration for Adidas 10k Paris on June 11 has been successfully completed. Congratulations to those who managed to register! Those who do not remember which team they are on or need additional information or assistance, please contact Signal Group Adidas 10K Dolgoon or Anar. This is a last chance for members who have not yet registered. See more details here.

Marathon du Mont Blanc

For those interested in attending, cheering, or traveling to Mont Blanc Chamonix on June 24th, please follow this link for more information on accommodation. The deadline to pay for the accommodation is May 1st. For more information, ask Nature at the Marathon du Mont Blanc by the Signal group.

2024 Paris Olympic

Details for those interested in volunteering for the 2024 Olympics or running the 10km or 42km.