An overview of the events surrounding the Paris Marathon

3 runners from England, 1 runner from America and 3 runners from France took part in the Paris Marathon on April 2. On behalf of the Tsat-Uul club, we welcomed and met the Pomegranate runners very pleasantly by introducing them to the city of Paric and training together.

April 1: Paris Run for All

On this day, we all participated in a 4km fundraising run to support disabled athletes. Anar, Zulaa, Chimgee, Dolgoen, Baigalaa from Tsat-Uul Club, Uyangaa from the embassy, 2 runners from England, 1 runner from Canada, 3 runners from America, and Saruul, who volunteered, ran.

Then we went to the cafe and listened to the advice of Iris, an elite athlete from America, and had a question and answer session. In addition to giving a scientific explanation about running, it was an effective interview that inspired new runners to become more professionally interested, and how the body stores water, how to distribute energy, how to adjust your heel strike, etc. had a very interesting conversation.

Sister Iris herself was a very good runner who finished a full marathon in 2 hours and 52 minutes. He is also certified as an official running coach and coaches 3 runners from England. If you want advice or lessons from this runner, ask Anar for more details.

April 1: “Marathoons pour les enfants”

Anujin, Bilgun and Ujin, the youngest members of our club, successfully participated in the running competition for children aged 5-12 years. Congratulations to our future runners!

April 2: Paris Marathon “Schneider Electric Paris 2023”

3 runners from England and 3 runners from France tested their strength in the Paris Marathon.
Anar, Setsenee and Chimka from the club came to support, Saruul worked as a volunteer, and all our runners finished the course successfully and set their own records. Congratulations again to all runners!

April 3: Iris coaching class

Even though it was late on a weekday, Anar and Eegii went to take private lessons and told how it was very effective.

I would like to congratulate all those who participated, supported and volunteered in the marathon and wish to try harder for next year’s marathon.

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